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Warehouse Receiving at the warehouse docks

Warehouse receiving, cargo storage, third party logistics, warehouse storage, eCommerce order fulfillment, and supply-chain management from Cambridge, Ontario serving customers all over Canada and the United States.

Warehouse Receiving Process

What is warehouse receiving?

Warehouse receiving is the first step in the supply chain management process and involves receiving, unloading, inspecting, and recording all items delivered to our warehouse. This is essential in helping us keep all your products organized from the moment they arrive to our warehouse to the time they depart for their final destination.

The entire process starts when our supplier delivers their goods to our warehouse and continues until all products are safely and securely stored and accounted for within our warehouse inventory system.


Advanced Receiving Notice (ARN)

To assist in the receiving process and to help improve our inventory accuracy, we use an Advanced Receiving Notice or ARN, which provides an easy way for our customers to let us know exactly what we should be expecting in each carton, pallet, or container upon arrival.

Customers simply enter in, by SKU, what they are sending to us along with any special instructions or important details regarding their shipment, then print or write the ARN on each shipment. Our warehouse receiving experts will review the ARN during the unloading process to ensure what has arrived matches what was specified by the supplier. Shipments then go through further inspection.


Shipment Inspection & Preparation

Once products are received and matched against the ARN, they go through a thorough quality control inspection to catch any damaged products, incomplete items, or any other discrepancies. Any issues at this stage are immediately reported back to our supplier for a quick resolution before getting all correct products prepped and ready for inventory.


Other Ancillary Receiving Functions

Our 3PL Warehouse also provides other necessary services that are sometimes required during the receiving process in order to get products ready for sale. These functions can include:

  • Labeling in order to automatic inventory for Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)
  • Kitting and Assembly for combining multiple products under one SKU instead of having them under individual SKU’s
  • Product Testing to ensure products are in working condition
  • Stuffing (loading) and destuffing (unloading) of goods or products into and out of containers for shipping
  • Breakdown oversized pallets
  • Strip off supplier and manufacturer labels
  • Repackaging into branded packages
  • Prepare for multi-box shipments, subscription box models, and high-volume pre-orders or back-orders


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Warehouse Receiving FAQ’s

What is warehouse receiving?

Warehouse receiving is the first step in the supply chain management process and involves receiving, inspecting, and recording cargo that has been delivered to our warehouse by our suppliers to ensure the right products were delivered in the right quantities and within the correct time frame.

How is product send to the warehouse?
Warehouse Pre-Receiving

Prior to the receiving good, we require customers to fill out a

What is considered short-term and long-therm storage?

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What type of materials can you store?

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Is there a minimum or maximum of storage required?

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