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Return logistics and reverse supply chain solutions

The rise of eCommerce shopping in recent years has resulted in a significantly increase in the number of products that are returned to merchants. As a result, online sellers are experiencing increased costs for having to either re-purpose, recondition, or recycling those goods.

A third party logistics provider can help merchants create a simple eCommerce fulfillment product return solution that will meet the needs of both the business and its customers by increasing efficiencies and streamlining all return processes. Kyzo offers customized business solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of a brand from receiving, warehouse storage, and distribution, to effortless reverse logistics and product management solutions.


What is return logistics?

In a nutshell, it’s the process of moving goods backward through the supply chain, from the end consumer back to the seller, distributor, or manufacturer. The process of returning and processing goods is called reverse logistics or return logistics. Sellers are increasingly utilizing reverse logistics to help recoup value from returned items and retain customer loyalty by providing hassle-free returns.


What is the return logistics process?

Reverse logistics encompasses all operations related to the movement of products and materials back through the supply chain. This is the point where sellers have to decide how they will handle this logistics process.

Although the return process will vary based on the type of return, below is an example of what the typical process could look like.

What type of returns are there?

There are five main types of return logistics retailers will have to address: returns and exchanges, reselling returned products, repairable returns, replacements, and recycling and disposal, each requiring their own reverse logistics process to handle them effectively.


How can Kyzo help?

This can get quote costly for a business to manage on their own. A good 3rd party logistics company can help in all areas of eCommerce fulfillment logistics through experience and a streamlined approach. This means a 3PL provider is already setup to manage all of the processes necessary to handle everything from procurement through to the end consumer. Kyzo Third Party Logistics provides sellers with a cost-effective solution by combining everything from receiving, warehouse storage, inventory management, and FBA & FBM fulfillment, to pick and pack, reverse logistics and duty drawbacks.

Speak with one of our reverse logistics experts to learn more on how Kyzo can help with all your product return needs.



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