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Pick and Pack Warehouse Services Canada and USA

Outsourcing your pick and pack services to a 3rd party logistics company such as Kyzo provides you with many benefits including access to industry experts, user-friendly inventory management dashboard, and lower costs on warehouse storage, shipping, and delivery.

Picking & Packing Services Canada

Fast, Reliable, and Specialized Pick and Pack Solutions

Kyzo 3PL is your reliable pick and pack partner in charge of and managing product receiving, picking, packaging, and delivery, allowing you to focus on other core competencies’ such as increasing productivity, driving sales and reducing costs. Our clients can exploit our buying power, expertise and distribution network to achieve higher fulfillment efficiencies such as lowered shipping and delivery times all while enhancing the overall customer’s experience.

Take full control over your logistics operations with Kyzo, Canada’s most reliable pick and pack service provider. Contact our logistics experts to learn more on how your brand can benefit from our 3rd party logistics services.

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What is picking and packing fulfillment services?

Pick and pack provides online retailers with a easier and more efficient solution to get their products from the warehouse to their customers hands once products are ordered from various online shopping channel such as Amazon, eBay, Woo-Commerce, etc.. Rather than having to prepare and ship entire pallets themselves, eCommerce retailers rely on 3rd party logistics companies such as Kyzo to pick, pack and ship all products for them.


How does pick and pack work?

Once a customer processes an online order from a seller through an online store, Kyzo’s warehousing experts receive your order, pick or retrieve the proper quantities of each product from their respective stored warehouse location, then prepare and pack them according to the sellers’ specifications, before sending them off quickly and efficiently to the purchaser.

In addition to pick and pack, Kyzo also provides value added and customized services such as:

  • Product Assembly
  • Re-Packing
  • Re-Boxing
  • Re-Labeling
  • De-stuffing
  • Stuffing
  • Dispatching
  • Sample & Promotional Packing

Kyzo’s offers cost-effective and efficient solutions that make running an online store easier for sellers by managing all aspects of 3PL and order fulfillment processes with reliable solutions, quality service, and exceptional customer care.


The benefits of hiring a 3PL provider to pick and pack products

An addition to packing boxes and finding storage solutions for products, online sellers are also busy focusing on fulfilling orders, and managing their sales and marketing. Depending on a brands specific need, this can, most often, get extremely time consuming and expensive, taking away from other core competencies.

Partnering with a 3rd party logistics company such as Kyzo can provide relief in many of these areas including picking, packing, and getting products ready for delivery, all while lowering overall costs, and speeding up the entire process from order to delivery.

Kyzo can help support online retailers in many areas by providing:

  • Distribution network stability
  • Low-cost warehouse storage
  • Predictive future order volumes
  • Shipping packaging options
  • Order quantity fluctuation support
  • Multi-product or mixed package order handling
  • Order fulfillment speed and efficiency
  • Greater customer satisfaction

When utilizing a 3PL provider such as Kyzo, you get more then just a warehouse to store your products, you get a reliable and dedicated partner that has the experience and infrastructure in place to help you manage and grow your business, no matter what stage your are in and the size of your brand.


How do pick and pack providers handle products so efficiently?

Using our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS), highly skilled and trained warehouse workers, and very efficient warehouse storage and distribution setup sets Kyzo apart from its competitors.

our well established Kyzo’s efficient operations and established, you can expect high-quality results each time


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